Education Services

Arise, Awake, and do not stop till the goal is reached
- Swami Vivekananda.

Educational services lay the foundation to implement educational policies, achieve university objectives and promote the effectiveness of the education system as a whole. Since more than 35 years, the D. Y. Patil Group has been setting benchmarks in the education industry through a plethora of achievements in providing educational services.
Our founders strongly believe that education too is a fundamental right for everyone irrespective of any social or religious differences, and that nobody should be devoid of the opportunity to be educated. Their vision is to provide top notch quality of education in sync with the ever-evolving times to the children and youths coming from all walks of life. The global movement "Education for all" led by UNESCO, and Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act implemented in India have highlighted and underlined the fact that education is a basic necessity of life and everyone deserves to be educated. Education contributes to personal and social development, and forms the engine that takes our world to a more secure and prosperous position.
Higher education is regarded as one of the most important factors of a nation's development, both from the global perspective, as well as individual one. It is an investment in people that contributes to the development of a state.
The objectives of educational services at D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technical University are:
• Creating, evaluating and improving educational programs
• Improving teaching process and faculty members’ skills
• Significantly transforming the learning experience for students
• Transforming educational process into as cost-effective and efficient as possible
• Promoting continuous education
• Promoting innovation in all activities related to educational processes
At a global level, education is seen as the main factor of sustainable economic, social and human development. It is achieved by the way of obtaining qualification, technological progress, and the ability to harness human resources of a country. Education is the fundamental element that structures the capacity and development skills to maximize these processes.
Education at D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technical University represents a clear investment in human resources and high quality educational processes. University education is regarded as one of the most important factors that influence the development of a highly skilled workforce, which in turn constitutes the engine of economic, social and cultural development of a nation. We are constantly moving forward with this same motive at D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technical University as it motivates us to provide the best in class educational services.