Bachelor of Business Administration


Eligibility & Fees

BBA degree is one of the most valuable degree
A B.B.A. degree from DYP-ATU is one of the most valuable degrees you can earn because of the myriad opportunities waiting for you after graduation. Your B.B.A. degree gives you a window into all functions of business and enables you to customize your degree based on your personal and/or professional interests, such as accounting, business administration (with additional specializations), or data analytics. Along with paving the way toward success in sectors like banking and finance, your B.B.A. can set you up for success in a variety of industries and occupations.
Bachelor of Business Administrations
B.B.A. Honours
B.B.A. Finance and Accounting
B.B.A. International Finance
B.B.A. Travel and Tourism Management
B.B.A. Marketing and Sales
B.B.A. Agro Business Management
B.B.A. Digital Marketing
B.B.A. Human Resource Management
B.Sc. Data Science
B.Sc. Economics and Business
Duration :
3 years full time
6 Semesters
Key expertise offered:
Numeracy skills
Communication skills
Financial analysis skills
Analytical thinking skills
Creativity and innovative skills
Problem Solving
Career Prospects
⮚ Finance Manager.
⮚ Business Administration Researcher.
⮚ Human Resource Manager.
⮚ Research and Development Manager.
⮚ Business Consultant.
⮚ Marketing Manager.
⮚ Agricultural Economist

Candidates should have passed 12th standard from recognized Board or institute with 50% marks
Applicable Fees for the course is Rs. 30,000 per year

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