Trustee’s Message

The times are ever changing with rapid evolution in technology, and with each passing day it shapes the way we lead our lives. Due to the basic nature of competition throughout the world, preparedness for tomorrow has become the necessity of today.
India has one of the oldest and the largest agriculture sector in the world and due to the advancement in technology in the 21st Century, there lies a future of unlimited possibilities that are yet to be explored. The D Y Patil Agriculture and Technical University at Talsande, Kolhapur will give the students the exposure they need to learn, adapt & innovate modern solutions in the agriculture sector. It is an honour for us to enable our children for engaging in the process of learning as well as honing their skills to become future leaders through a platform such as this university.
The D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technical University is a welcome station for all the enthusiastic learners who wish to advance their skills and realize their vision to make lives better and easier not only for themselves but also for others.

Shri. Satej D. Patil

MLC (Govt. of Maharashtra)
Guardian Minister, Kolhapur District
Minister of State for Home (Urban), Housing, Transport, Information & Technology, Parliamentary Affairs & Ex. Servicemen Welfare, Govt. of Maharashtra