Executive Director’s

My beloved seeker of knowledge, Welcome to DYP family of learning.
As you step a notch up on the echelon of life and learning, here are a few things to take note of, during your journey at our University. Your primary aim will be to learn to develop problem solving skills that will allow you to succeed in any effort you make, once you step out of our institution.
Make sure you get value for the time you spend at our University. Be alert, be active, be upright. Your efforts today will decide your value addition to our society tomorrow. We have a plethora of cultural and extra-curricular activities on our campus. Put your latent skills to optimum use by joining them to hone your team building and leadership skills. Remember, the stars you get here are going to mark your CV distinct and desirable. And it is through such activities that you will be building life long personal and professional relationships.
We at DYP-ATU, believe in the power of mistakes. Because mistakes will make you a better person. You will be allowed to make mistakes. Keep trying and never quit. Please remain positive even when your efforts are unsuccessful. Reflect and relearn to improvise on your efforts. Look beyond personal gain, let your choices be for the benefit of all.

Wishing you the best of times at and with DYP-ATU.

Dr. A. K. Gupta
Executive Director
E-Mail- executivedirector@dypgroup.org