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School of Architecture & Design

Welcome to the School of Architecture and Fine Arts at the DYP-ATU Talsande.

The School of Architecture welcomes you to take part in a journey which will become an escapade in future.

The DYP-ATU School of Architecture and Fine Arts [SA+FA] exist in a place like no other. This place – sought by artists for its light, by indigenous builders for its mud, by writers for its poetry, this fragile land of high altitudes, little water, and diverse cultures – creates a radical laboratory for design investigations and experimentation.

The DYP-ATU School of Architecture and Fine Arts’ curriculum is organized around studio culture, which is an immersive and experiential project-based learning environment. This is supplemented by an array of experimental courses led by diverse SA+FA faculty, with an emphasis upon local design solutions.

One of the driving factors for establishing the School of Architecture and Fine Arts at DYP-ATU is to develop and deliver courses in line with the needs of society. This is a dynamic School with deep ties to the professions it represents and the diverse people it serves. Contact us and we will tell you much, more about the future we are designing from our side!

Architecture Programs

B. Arch.

Under Graduate Program

M. Arch. (Masters of Architecture – Landscape Design)

Post Graduate Program

M.U.R.P (Master of – Urban and Regional Planning)

Post Graduate Program

Interior Design Programs

B. Sc. (Interior Design)

Under Graduate Program

M. Sc. (Interior Design)

Post Graduate Program

Fine Arts Programs

B. A. – Fine Arts

Under Graduate Program

M. A. – Fine Arts

Post Graduate Program

Fashion Design

B. Des. – Fashion Design

Under Graduate Program

M. Des. – Fashion Design

Post Graduate Program

Department Contact Info

Mr. Santosh Kulkarni


Dr. Sangram Patil


Dr. Gurunath Mote


Dr. Jayant Ghatge



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