BSc Data Science


Eligibility & Fees

The best way to learn data science is to do data science.
Overview :
Data Science is an interdisciplinary subject that uses the basic concepts of statistics, data analysis, machine learning and related subjects to understand and analyze various problems and phenomena with respect to a large set of data. Course includes various theories, techniques and tools from mathematics, statistics, computer science and information technology. This course is designed to expose students to broad areas and subjects of Applied Statistics, Data Mining, Predictive Modelling, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization across various sectors such as Business, Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Operations, Human Resources, Genomics, Healthcare, Banking etc. using hands-on experience.
Key value proposition :
Teaching Approch with 50% Class Room Teaching, 30% Labouratory Practical and 20% Experiential Learning
We are offering three foregin languages as French, Japanese and German
Curriculum in detail :
1. Machine Learning 2. Cloud Computing 3. Data Visualizations 4. Python Programming 5. Operating Systems 6. Statistics
7. Business Intelligence
8. Algorithms
Future scope and placement
We are offering 100% Placement
1. Data Mining Engineer 2. Machine Learning Engineer 3. Data Engineer/Data Architect 4. Data Scientist 5. Statistician 6. Data Solutions Analyst
7. Business Intelligence Analysts.
Teaching methodology
Teaching Approch with 50% Class Room Teaching, 30% Labouratory Practical and 20% Experiential Learning.
About the proffessors
Well qualified staff with Ph. D and NET
Campus life :
205 acres of green lush campus equipped with state of art infrastructure and conductive enviorment for higher learninig
Internships /opportunities
National and International Training Programs, Foreign exchange programs.

Course tenure and fees
3 Year program with Fees of Rs.30000/- Per year
How to apply & Eligibility
To apply Visit or call on 9699339917/9699330619/9699334088
Fill Application Form along with registration fees of Rs. 500/-
Submit all original documents as per scrutiny list.
10+2 with science stream from a recognized board.

Department Contact Info

Dr. Shraddha Srivastava


Manjushri J. Yadav



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