M.Sc Economics & Business


Eligibility & Fees

M.Sc Economics & Business
M.Sc in Economics is a 2-year postgraduate study programme that aims at providing specialisation in economics. After going through the course, the candidates will be able to analyse financial cases in a mathematical and logical way. Apart from these, the course sometimes also includes detailed study of financial operations and banking systems.
M.Sc in Economics is an academic degree which can be done only by a candidate who has done Bachelor’s in Science. With minimum 50% aggregate Marks.
Duration :
2 years full time
4 semester
Key expertise offered:
An M.Sc economist analyse economic issues. Interprets and predicts market trends.
• Introduction to Statistics with Spreadsheet & SPSS.
• Basic Financial Tools.
• Data Management.
• Principles of Economics.
• Communication and Presentation Skills.
Career Prospects
The course offers some of the finest jobs and internships in economic forecasting firms, data analytics companies, Public Sector units such as TERI, FICCI, NCAER, RBI etc.
• Financial Analyst,
• Economist,
• Financial Manager,
• Policy analyst,
• Litigation Consultant,
• Mutual Funds Manager etc.
Syllabus and Subject for BSc Economics
The M.Sc Economics includes following subjects and syllabus
• Advanced econometrics
• Trade and the environment
• Time series and regression analysis
• Ecological economics
• The Monetary System

Candidates should have obtained any graduate degree from recognized university or institute.
Applicable Fees for the course is Rs. 30,000 per year

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Dr. Shraddha Srivastava


Manjushri J. Yadav



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