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School of Agricultural Engineering & Technology


School of Agricultural Engineering & Technology

Agricultural Engineering is a technologically sophisticated field that offers bright career opportunities around the world. It is one of the finest branch of Agriculture which combines principles of mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Chemical Engineering and Food science and technology along with the knowledge of Agricultural Principles.

 It is a 4-year professional degree course which covers subjects related to farm Machinery and Power Engineering, Processing and Food engineering. Soil and Water Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering and Basic Engineering and Agricultural sciences.

The summer trainings, research projects, In plant training and compulsory educational visits made it very unique and complete program for the career development. This is an ideal course for those who wish to make career in agriculture systems, technologies, agribusiness and agricultural research. 

After the completion of B. Tech. (Agricultural Engineering) the students will be able to:

  1. Find the Technological solutions to the critical problems encountered in Agriculture using knowledge of principles of agricultural science, engineering, economics and business.
  2. Develop products, technologies, innovative processes and multi-disciplinary systems-based solutions to meet the challenges in agriculture.
  3. Able to work as well as lead confidently and effectively in a team work.
  4. Able to manage multiple simultaneous projects.

Under Graduate Programs

B. Tech. Agricultural Engineering

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