Women Empowerment Committee

  • About the Committee
  • Vision , Mission , Goals & Objectives
  • Composition of the Committee
  • Function of the Committee
  • Duties & Responsibility of Committee Members
  • Procedure of Functioning
  • Meeting Notices & Minutes of Meetings
  • Action Taken Report

Women Empowerment Committee

About the Committee :

The Constitution of India provides for “Gender Equality” and the “Right to life and liberty” to all persons under Articles 14, 19 and 21. Thereby necessitating the need for protective measures that safeguard women’s rights and safety at workplaces.

About :

The Women’s Empowerment Committee at D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technical University (DYPATU), Talsande, Tehsil-Hatkanangale, District-Kolhapur was formed with the aim of educating female students about empowerment. The committee aims to empower female students and faculty, improve their understanding of women-related issues, and make the college campus a safe place for girls and women, as well as address practical issues related to the welfare and equal opportunities of female faculty, staff, and students.

It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views on their position in society. Aiming at the intellectual and social advancement of women students, the committee works for the empowerment of women through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programs and other welfare activities.


Let women nourish the life here by empowering them.


Women Empowerment Committee of D Y Patil Agriculture and Technical University is accountable for awareness of gender sensitization, women’s rights and promoting general wellbeing of students, teaching staff, support staff, contractual and daily wages employees of university. Women Empowerment Committee is also liable to create a dignified and inclusive environment for all genders in and around the university and to equip them in controlling their personal and professional lives to attain their full potential, enriching organizational and social life in the process which have mutual benefits to the genders and society.

Goals & Objectives

  • To promote a culture of respect and equality for female gender.
  • To help women students understand their strength and potential.
  • The provision of opportunities and programs for female gender to be financially, mentally and emotionally empowered so as to promote their growth as individuals in their own right.
  • To conduct seminar, workshop to impart knowledge of opportunities and tools available and train the women.
  • To equip the female students, faculty and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights.
  • To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances.

Functions of the Committee

  • To review and monitor the measures taken by the Government in the direction of securing for women equality, status and dignity in all matters.

  • To educate the teaching and non-teaching staffs and students towards gender sensitization.

  • To offer counseling services.

  • TTo take measures for improvisation of the livelihood, behavior and career growth of all.

  • To provide opportunities and programs for female gender to be mentally and emotionally empowered so as to promote their growth as individuals in their own right.

Duties & Responsibility of Committee Members

WEC as a team will strive to promote awareness among girl students and educate them on gender specific issues in the areas such as health, legal, career, social etc. To realize the above mentioned objectives, the committee with its members strives:

  • To review various schemes & programs of the Institute and to ensure the possibility in the aspect of women’s development.

  • To promote all round development of women faculty, staff and students of the college.

  • To keep an elaborate process document of each such case describing the methods adopted and the settlement reached in solving the problem.

  • To conduct a survey within the college and collect suggestions/ recommendations from women on issues concerning them.

  • To periodically organize guest lecturers in the concerned areas such as health, legal, career, social aspects etc.

  • To train women to acquire wide range of skills and knowledge and to develop and increase their social, economic and intellectual capacities for peace, security and
    prosperity of mankind.

  • To monitor and counsel girl students.

  • To conduct competitions such as presentations, elocution, essay writing and painting to encourage girl students to express their ideas.

  • Above all, to ensure a secure and progressive learning environment for the girl students.

Procedure of Functioning

  • D. Y. Patil Agriculture & University shall constitute “Women Empowerment Committee” for empowering the women employees and female students in different verticals.

  • Committee members shall meet once in a month.

  • If any girl student/faculty needs assistance may approach the committee members or send mail to wec@dyp-atu.org.