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Academic year 2022-23

We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.


The dream of Hon. President Dr. Sanjay D. Patil, to transform a barren land into a golden land of the University campus thus came true, with the collaborated efforts of Hon. Vice President, Shri. Satej D. Patil, Hon. Trustee MLA Shri Ruturaj S. Patil, Hon. Trustee Prithviraj S. Patil and Team Talsande.

The campus is striving hard to fulfil the dreams of Dr. Sanjay Patil who held immense faith in achieving education for all.  Keeping with the mission of the college to nurture a community of lifelong learners, it aspires to play an important role in sharing the traditional mode of education along with the modern needs of the contemporary society.

Education Services

Educational services lay the foundation to implement educational policies, achieve university objectives and promote the effectiveness of the education system as a whole. Since more than 35 years, the D. Y. Patil Group has been setting benchmarks in the education industry through a plethora of achievements in providing educational services.

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University Life

D.Y. Patil Agriculture & Technical University is located at the village of Talsande in Kolhapur. It is situated around a scenic view and is surrounded by natural beauty. Located only 20 kms away from the historical city of Kolhapur, the University is built over an area of 200 acres and its architecture is plush and eco-friendly. More than 2,500 coconut trees and chikoo trees add grace to its fresh environment.

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Video Tour in DYP-ATU

Take a tour in DYP-ATU and you will find the best university in the state. The video will take you to every places in this university.

Why Study Here?
Self Development

More and more organizations across India and abroad have begun to look for skilled professionals who are not only well-learned in their fields but also have a knack for improvising, learning on the go, and equipping themselves new skills with each oncoming challenge. As time passes, the job market becomes highly complicated and competitive. Along with degrees, various traits of personality are now essential for a wide range of careers to become successful in life.
In the last more than 35 years, the D. Y. Patil Group has set a benchmark in the education sector in terms of best in class education and educational services. The holistic environment, to which our students are strategically exposed, helps them to enhance their personality traits and motivates them to become a better version of themselves with each passing day.
Moreover, Bachelors, Masters Degrees and also Ph. D. Programs in various fields are available under one roof at our University. Students here are guided and supported by a highly qualified and micro-trained team of staff who follow globally recognized ethical teaching practices. We strive to develop intelligence and character in our students, and we love to lead them into developing an intensive and critical thought process. We believe every child is worth it.

Why Choose DYPATU?

Learning at DYPATU University comes with a plethora of benefits. Enjoy learning your chosen field while fast tracking your career. Improve your prospects for life with recognized professional qualifications. Increase chances of your employability and financial stability. As our programs expose students to new research and technology, learn and discover new fields of working. We encourage creative and independent thought processes, our students conquer intellectual challenges and develop a sense of achievement. Expose yourself to our culture and broaden your horizon, as you travel and experience life overseas through our study programs. Achieve and excel in your chosen subject, take the initiative to gain leadership skills, team building or community building activities and establish professional connections that can be used for life. It is here that you meet your friends and mentors that become your future contacts and colleagues. Our academic staff are leading experts in their field, take inspiration from them to stay motivated.

Self Development

The college education is beyond academic benefits. It gives students a chance to develop attitude and skills that give them courage, ability to work with others and a better understanding of himself and the entire world around them. It is during college years that a person gets to understand his identity, role, and dreams. To become what you want to be, you need not only formal education but also real-life experience and opportunities for self-development. Below are some skills every college student should think about for personal development and preparation to face the real world:

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