Cultural Committee

  • About the Committee
  • Vision , Mission , Goals & Objectives
  • Composition of the Committee
  • Function of the Committee
  • Procedure of functioning
  • Duties & Responsibility of Committee Members
  • Meeting Notices & Minutes of Meetings
  • Activity Report

Cultural Committee

Cultural activities are important for the students and such activities are ways of recreation and it results in soothing effects. Due to the cultural activities, various qualities are developed among the students like: interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership, organizing capability, elimination of stage freight and confidence building. These events help to showcase their inner musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers and dreamers etc. It also helps to explore the hidden talents and special interests. The University has set up the Cultural Committee The members of the Committee are one chairperson ,eight staff members from each department and one Cultural Secretary from students which is elected by chairperson and members of Cultural committee.


We aim to promote, encouraging and enhancing the students’ talents and providing them with a stage for exposure to put its best foot forward in all that they do and keep the banner of this University flying high.


  • Provides innumerable opportunities for the students to exhibit their skills and talents.
  • Acting as a platform for the students to not only display but also discover, explore and master their creative potential.
  • Inculcating the value of individuality as well as working as an active member of a team.
  • Building within one, leadership, and organizational skills.
  • Above all, the Cultural Committee seeks to build a platform that caters to all and helps build character, understand the value of participation and find individualistic qualities that will ensure a fulfilling and successful life.

Functions of the Committee

  • Celebrate departmental Cultural event for Students and faculty.

  • Celebrate University Cultural Level events for Students and Faculty.

  • Participate in University level Youth Festivals.

Duties & Responsibility of Committee Members

Role of Chairperson –

  • Formulate functional hierarchy, segregate various activities amongst the members, communicate the execution plan and exhibit end to end control of the approved

Role of Secretory –

  • Convene for effective communication of all matters of the committee and between the committee and the Registrar.

  • Oversee active participation of all its members in planning, organizing and execution of the approved activities.

  • Draft the agenda and propose the same in subsequent meetings and device mechanism to accurately document the same. The agenda may include the following, as and when

    • Calendar of Cultural events and subsequent approval from the Registrar.
    • Budget proposal and subsequent approval from the Registrar.
    • Budget utilization report and subsequent approval from the Registrar.
    • Measures for publicizing the objectives of the committee as well publicizing all the events.
    • Measures to enhance cultural upbringing of the students and staff alike.
    • Execution planning of the events.
    • Measures to oversee effective conduction of the events.
    • Facilitate accurate reporting.

Roles of Memebers –

  • Constructively and creatively participate in planning, organizing, executing and controlling of all the events and activities as decided and assigned and allotted in the committee.

  • Strictly adhere by the instructions of the Convener and the Chairperson.

  • Coordinates the activities of various student and staff.

  • Extend unconditional cooperation in upholding the objectives of the committee.

Meeting No. Date Minutes of Meeting
1 10th Oct 2023 Minutes1
2 05th Feb 2024 Minutes2


Cultural Activity Report

Sr. No. Year
1 AY 2023-24 Cultural Activity Report