Publication & Research Committee

  • About the Committee
  • Vision , Mission , Goals & Objectives
  • Composition of the Committee
  • Function of the Committee
  • Procedure of functioning
  • Duties & Responsibility of Committee Members
  • Meeting Notices & Minutes of Meetings

Publication & Research Committee

The DYP-ATU Research and Publication Committee is a standing committee of the DYP-ATU Faculty established to encourage research and publication among the university Faculty and Academic Professionals. Research is a pursuit integral to progress in any society. Its creative potential is immense and has been instrumental in bringing about constructive change in societies in innumerable ways. The University has Research & Publication Committee to specifically focus on the area of research and Publication. The objective of the Research & Publication Committee is to build research capacity and enhance both quality and quantity of academic research and to stimulate discussion of research ideas and methodologies. Research Committee provides a conducive platform to enhance their knowledge, stay competitive and encourages to write research papers and provides them with the necessary assistance to get them published/ presented at various conferences.


The Captainship of graduate studies and research will achieve worldwide recognition of excellence for D.Y.Patil agriculture & Technical University’s graduate programs, research and scholarly work by providing strategic leadership and comprehensive support to faculty and graduate students.


The Captainship of Graduate Studies and Research is committed to promoting excellence in graduate studies and research through its well-defined policies. Provide support to Faculty’s research endeavours and expand the research capacity and research portfolio of the

Goals and Objectives

  • Encourage a vibrant and stimulating research ecosystem at the University.
  • Continually enhance the quality and relevance of existing graduate programs.
  • Promote the culture of research at both undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research among various colleges and departments.
  • Ensure consistency and compliance of all graduate programs with relevant policies.
  • Cooperate with various institutions in developing joint graduate programs with international academic institutions
  • Develop, periodically assess, and modify policies and procedures to continuously enhance the quality of research and graduate programs at D.Y.Patil Agriculture & Technical University in order to meet international quality standards and achieve excellence.

Functions of the Committee

  • To encourage faculty members to prepare research proposals, interdisciplinary research, product design and development, publications in reputed journals and conferences.

  • To initiate and promote MOU with industries and R & D organizations; for consultancy, collaborative research, sponsored projects, Industry-Institute interaction etc.

  • To arrange talks and interactions by eminent personalities from Industry, R & D organization and institutions of repute; for the better understanding of research methodology and practices currently followed.

  • To suggest peer reviewed national and international journals for subscription in the central library.

  • To develop research proposals for up-gradation of laboratories through AICTE/UGC/MHRD/NMU funding opportunities.

  • To encourage faculties to apply for patents or other Intellectual Property Rights.

  • To allocate budget for conducting workshops, training programs, seminars, conferences and Faculty Development Program also for the staff who are attending workshops, conferences and paper presentation outside the institute. It also includes software purchasing for various departments for research purpose (like Design expert, statistics etc.).

  • To motivate faculty and students to design, fabricate and implement viable functional projects for the benefits of institute and society.

  • To motivate students and faculties for presenting technical papers/projects at least in National conferences, competitions and exhibitions.

Procedure of Function

  • Develop, monitor and review policies relating to the University’s research activities, including research, publication and training.

  • Guide the development of the University’s strategic research & publication priorities and objectives. And monitor research & publication performance within the framework of the University’s Strategic Planning process.

  • Provide leadership and advice on mechanisms to improve monitoring, benchmarking and reporting of the University’s research performance.

  • Hold one to two events annually to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information concerning research and research training issues for the broader research community.

  • Inform and advise the Academic Senate on research and research training matters as they arise.

Duties & Responsibility of Committee Members

The committee may have various roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Reviewing Research Proposals: The committee may evaluate research proposals submitted by faculty, researchers, or students to ensure they meet academic standards and ethical guidelines.

  • Allocating Research Funds: They may be tasked with allocating funds for research projects, grants, and scholarships to support faculty and student research endeavors.

  • Promoting Research Excellence: The committee often works to foster a culture of research excellence within the university community by organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences, and by facilitating collaboration among researchers.

  • Overseeing Publication Policies: The committee may establish and enforce policies related to academic publishing, including guidelines for manuscript submission, peer review processes, and copyright issues

  • Supporting Academic Journals and Publications: They may provide support for academic journals published by the university or affiliated institutions, including editorial assistance, peer review coordination, and dissemination efforts.

  • Ensuring Ethical Conduct: The committee may be responsible for ensuring that research conducted within the university adheres to ethical standards and regulatory requirements, including obtaining institutional review board (IRB) approval for human subjects research.

  • Advocacy and External Relations: They may advocate for research funding opportunities, partnerships with external organizations, and collaborations with other academic institutions to enhance the university’s research profile and impact.

Meeting No. Date Description Minutes of Meeting
1 10th Jan 2022 Notice Minutes1