B. A. (Liberal Arts)


Eligibility & Fees

Encompass everything from theatre arts to economics.
A liberal arts degree offers foundational knowledge across many different subject areas. Students will find themselves exposed to ideas and topics that range from art to science and math. A liberal arts degree provides general knowledge and career-relevant skills that prepare you for a range of professions.
Wide variety of careers is available to students who complete a Liberal Studies. Liberal arts graduates find entry into careers in various business, government, and social service agencies like adult and family services, criminal justice, and health and welfare. Some Liberal Studies majors combine this study with teacher training programs at either the undergraduate or graduate level to become educators.
⮚ 3 years full time
⮚ 6 Semesters
key value proposition
⮚ Teaching Approch with 50% Class Room Teaching,
⮚ 30% Labouratory Practical and 20% Experiential Learning.
⮚ We are offering three foregin languages as French, Japanese and German.
curriculum in detail
⮚ Psychology
⮚ Economics
⮚ Applied Social and Community Psychology ⮚ Quantitative Economics and Econometrics
⮚ Emotional and Social Intelligence ⮚ Mathematics
⮚ Media Studies
⮚ Sociology
⮚ Political Science
⮚ Gender Studies ⮚ Chemistry
⮚ English Literature ⮚ Geography
⮚ Philosophy ⮚ Visual Arts
⮚ Statistics
⮚ Biotechnology
⮚ Social Work
future scope and placement
We are offering 100% Placement
⮚ Advertising representative
⮚ Archivist
⮚ Artist
⮚ Events director
⮚ Financial analyst ⮚ Marketing specialist
⮚ Public relations specialist
⮚ Project manager
⮚ Research analyst
About the proffessors
⮚ Well qualified staff with Ph. D and NET
campus life
⮚ 205 acrs of green lush campus equipped with state of art infrastructure and conductive enviorment for higher learninig.
internships /opportunities
⮚ National and International Training Programs, Foregine exchange programs.

Eligibility & Apply
⮚ To apply Visit www.dyp-atu.org or call on 9699339917/9699330619/9699334088.
⮚ Fill Application Form along with registration fees of Rs. 500/-.
⮚ Submit all orginal documents as per scrutiny list
⮚ Fees Applicable for the Course is Rs. 25000/- for each year.

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