B. A. (Economics)


Eligibility & Fees

Unveil the unseen sector- Economics
Economics is a subject that teaches concepts related to markets, finance, principles of business, banking, money and the working of our economy.B.A Economics is an amalgamation of Macro Economics, Micro economics and Statistics. The course sows the seeds of ideation, curiosity and interest in the young minds of students, further leading them to make successful careers in banking, finance, statistics, actuary, auditing, marketing, etc.
⮚ 3 years full time
⮚ 6 Semesters
Key value proposition
⮚ Teaching Approch with 50% Class Room Teaching,
⮚ 30% Labouratory Practical and 20% Experiential Learning
⮚ We are offering three foregin languages as French, Japanese and German
Curriculum in detail
Introductory Microeconomics
⮚ Mathematical Methods for Economics
⮚ Introductory Macroeconomics
⮚ Intermediate Microeconomics
⮚ Statistical Methods for Economics
⮚ Introductory Econometrics
⮚ Development Economics
⮚ Indian Economy
About the proffessors
⮚ Well qualified staff with Ph. D and NET
campus life
⮚ 205 acrs of green lush campus equipped with state of art infrastructure and conductive enviorment for higher learninig .
internships /opportunities
⮚ National and International Training Programs, Foregine exchange programs.

⮚ To apply Visit www.dyp-atu.org or call on 9699339917/9699330619/9699334088.
⮚ Fill Application Form along with registration fees of Rs. 500/-.
⮚ Submit all orginal documents as per scrutiny list
⮚ Fees Applicable for the Course is Rs. 25000/- for each year.

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