M. A. (Communication and Media)


Eligibility & Fees

for eg. learn How instagram and facebook design their products , an industry specific course in AI / ML conducted by industry experts
Communication is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s labor market. Today, organizations of every kind need skilled communicators to help them get their messages across to the public. Whether working among business executives, bureaucrats or digital-age creatives, our students and alumni are ahead of the curve.
The study of communication and media enables us to understand the world around us, from civic engagement to consumer behavior – it prepares us to be future leaders and problem-solvers, and it challenges us to be curious and passionate critical thinkers.
⮚ 2 years full time
⮚ 4 Semesters
key value proposition
⮚ Teaching Approch with 50% Class Room Teaching,
⮚ 30% Labouratory Practical and 20% Experiential Learning
Career Prospects
⮚ A Master’s degree in Arts opens up a wide range of career options for students
⮚ Journalism
⮚ Public relations
⮚ Content creation
⮚ Advertising
⮚ Marketing
⮚ Finance
⮚ Media Planner/Researcher
⮚ Music Producer
⮚ Management
⮚ Counselling
⮚ Analytics
⮚ Consultancy
⮚ Social Media Manager
⮚ Economic services
⮚ Civil services and many more.

⮚Candidate should have passed graduation from any discipline.
⮚Candidates having academic background in Arts, science and commerce are eligible to apply for this course.
⮚Fees Applicable for the Course is Rs. 35000/- for each year.

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