M. A. (Media Studies)


Eligibility & Fees

• 2 years full time
• 4 Semesters

A Master’s degree in Media Studies teaches a student about media channels, focusing on mass-media and its history, content, and social impact. Student learns about traditional (radio, television) and modern mass-media (social networks, vlogs). Typical Media Studies include classes on Ethics and Journalism, Legal Issues in Communication, and Visual Culture. After completion of a degree one can work as media planner, PR officer, or social media manager. Media professionals are analyzers, creators and communicators. They understand people, technology and popular culture. They use words, images and sounds to tell stories and influence audiences.
Key expertise offered
• Unique learning experience
• Independent Thinking
• Critical Thinking and Analysis
• Teamwork
• Creative thinking skills
• Communication skills
• Interpersonal and leadership skills
Career Prospects
• A degree in Arts opens up a wide range of career options for students
• Journalism
• Public relations
• Content creation
• Advertising
• Marketing
• Finance
• Media Planner/Researcher
• Music Producer
• Management
• Counselling
• Analytics
• Consultancy
• Social Media Manager
• Economic services
• Civil services and many more.

Candidate should have passed graduation from any discipline.
Candidates having academic background in Arts, science and commerce are eligible to apply for this course.
Fees Applicable for the Course is Rs. 35000/- for each year.

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