M. A. (Journalism)


Eligibility & Fees

• 2 years full time
• 4 Semesters

Bachelor of Journalism is an undergraduate degree in the field of journalism and mass communication that candidates can pursue right after their Class 12. Bachelors Of Journalism is a three years duration course and in this course aspirants are taught about various aspects of the media industry like research, reporting, compiling, writing, editing as well as presentation of information.
After completing a course candidates can join various mass communication related fields such as TV news channels, newspapers, radio stations and the likes. Typically the field of Journalism is divided into two broad categories, which are, Print Media and Electronic Media. Candidates who aspire to work in the Electronic Media can join television, radio or internet/ digital media companies whereas in Print Media aspirants can join newspapers, magazines, news agencies and digests.
Key expertise offered
• Unique learning experience
• Independent Thinking
• Critical Thinking and Analysis
• Teamwork
• Creative thinking skills
• Communication skills
• Interpersonal and leadership skills
Career Prospects
• A degree in Arts opens up a wide range of career options for students
• Journalism
• Public relations
• Content creation
• Advertising
• Marketing
• Finance
• Media Planner/Researcher
• Music Producer
• Management
• Counselling
• Analytics
• Consultancy
• Social Media Manager
• Economic services
• Civil services and many more.

Candidate should have passed graduation from any discipline.
Candidates having academic background in Arts, science and commerce are eligible to apply for this course.
Fees Applicable for the Course is Rs. 35000/- for each year.

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